Lay Minister Janelle Phillips

Kymesia Janelle Phillips journey toward ministry started with her ancestors. Her greatgreat grandfather, Rev. Thomas William Sr., served as a minister in various churches throughout the south as well as in the borough of Brooklyn. Her great-grandfather, the late Rev. Samuel Massey, Sr., served as an Associate Minister for Victory Temple C.O.G.I.C . for many years.  Even with such a rich heritage of pastoral leadership, Kymesia was never forced to attend church meetings. Her grandmother left it up to her to make that decision when the time was right for her.

When Kymesia was twelve years old, her godmother, Sylvia Brockington, told Kymesia’s grandmother, Ethel Phillips, about a local church called Safe Haven Ministries who was holding worship services at 1066 Bedford Avenue. One Sunday, Godmother Brockington told Kymesia to join her for worship at this local church.

Here Kymesia describe her journey in her own words:  “At first, I was against the whole church thing but I decided to go anyway because of my grandmother. I NEVER forget my first time going in and feeling the warm feeling as if I was already a member. I ASSUMED that the minister would be a male but to my surprise it was a woman, Rev. Ruby Wilson. That made me question everything and I finally realized that by hearing my pastor preach the word, it made me understand who Jesus truly is. So throughout my life I had grown up in my new family and I had discovered Jesus as my Savior and one true friend.”

“I RECEIVED my calling when my pastor asked me to speak for Youth Sunday. This was a new experience for me and it truly woke me up into what God truly was going to do in my life. I AM STILL ON MY JOURNEY OF FINISHING COLLEGE BUT I will always keep a quote my great grandmother, the late Ogretta Massey always stated, ‘may the work I’ve done speak  for me’”.