Lay Minister Calvina Johnson

When Calvina Johnson arrived, her parents had no idea that they were about to be charged by God to carry out one of His most precious jobs, the job of parenting. Her mom brought her to church for prayer and the Pastor prayed: “Lord develop this child’s personality, let her be a joy to be around, let her bring happiness to those she come into contact with in life.”

One of the first ways she brought joy to others came in the form of the arts. She began dancing when she was 3 years old, attending The Harlem School of The Arts. She won poetry awards. She engaged in professional acting with performances that brought joy and much laughter to audiences.

At the age of 12 years old, Calvina became a member of Safe Haven United Church of Christ offering her many gifts to the worship life of the faith community: President of the JuniorTribe of Judah (the young liturgical dance group), a Charter Member of the Hospitality Tribe and singing first soprano with the Channels of Blessings Choir, the 1997 McDonald’s Gospel fest Finalist. With her first company, “Praise In Motion:–The beauty of God’s message delivered through dance,” Calvina established herself as a gifted praise dancer. As a student at the Choir Academy of Harlem, (home of the world renowned Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem), Calvina began honing her vocal talents.

In 2010, Rev. Dr. Wilson recommended that Calvina participate in a mission project in South Africa. And with this missionary journey, Safe Haven UCC commissioned the church’s first missionary. Upon her return, Calvina’s transformation was evident. She began to teach and then, she responded to the call of God on her life to become a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She walks (and dances!) by faith, recognizing that she is on her journey and she is in God’s hands who continues to perfect the work God has begun in her….thanks be to God.