Safe Haven Unmasked

Who We Are: Safe Haven Unmasked is a community of spiritual leaders who want to form a Safe Haven in which to learn and practice bringing their whole selves to the ministry to receive healing, love, friendship and support. Leaders will have a safe space in which to be vulnerable, take off their masks, rest, heal and rejuvenate with other committed leaders.

Our story: From 2010-2013, Safe Haven UCC Pastor Rev. Dr. Ruby Wilson experienced a series of life altering storms that had a devastating impact on her church community and her family. Rather than avoidance of the crises, Rev. Wilson sought the guidance counsel and friendship of other spiritual leaders who had experienced life crises. Bonding together these  leader shepherded one another through the storms. Weakness was transformed into strength. In 2014, Rev. Wilson was awarded a Lily Foundation grant to address Spiritual Leaders in the Crucible of Crisis. As of 2019, we have counseled and advised scores of ministers, walked alongside ministers in crisis and have provided spiritual support and friendship to many men and women of the cloth. 

Interested in being a part of an UNMASKED group?

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